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I’m not accusing TLC of anything other than wanting to make good TV, though. I was lucky enough to not have too many scantily-clad women in my session.

A fellow female reporter was not so lucky and in her first session (you could attend as many as you wanted to), she received no phone numbers at all. So, if you choose to watch many geeks searching for that special geek or geekette, tune in to TLC.

C2E2, the annual Midwest pop culture extravaganza, will take place April 13 – 15, 2012 in the North Building at the Mc Cormick Place Convention Center.

“Speed Dating has added an awesomely cool element to our shows that I would never have predicted but is so perfect for our fans and audience,” states Lance Fensterman Group Vice President for Reed POP and Show Manager for C2E2.

I have to say, the hardest part was introducing myself as #20 and not being to give much more information than that. Most participants were very kind and open, genuinely looking for someone special. He asked me if I believed any of them to be “ringers” or women purposefully placed at the event by TLC.

I could take this opportunity now to openly mock the other participants. While the thought hadn’t crossed my mind initially, it wasn’t a hard truth to accept.

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Each round, the cosplayers sat knee-to-knee, facing their partners, and were given three minutes to determine whether the costumed superhero or heroine was relationship material.

“We are all about bringing pop culture fans and self-described nerds together by celebrating our common interests.

What better way to extend that concept than by pairing people off?

Some women were in cosplay (Female Green Hornet and Spock with the crocheted ears and hair were REALLY good), though the majority was like me, in jeans and a tee.

There were about twenty participants, give or take, on either side of the room (we were split 8-grade-dance style). We were given three minutes with each participant, and then the boys got to switch chairs. Afterwards, as I recovered in the press room (two hours was a long time to be speed dating! Mc Guire about women going to the event in provocative cosplay.

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