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In the current Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) all company addresses are considered to be “opt out” (Germany and Canada being exceptions requiring a double opt-in process). If the information relates to an individual or identifies an individual, then you will need consent to send a marketing email.This means you can send an email to a company address without permission, provided you include an option to unsubscribe. So an email address that identifies a person such as [email protected] need consent (an [email protected] email address will not require consent).Salesforce Support can turn on the Create Audit Fields feature for your organization in the event it's not correctly enabled.While this feature is generally low risk, we recommend taking the time to review as much documentation as possible prior to requesting it be enabled.

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After you enable the organization preference, enable the user permissions in a permission set or profile.In Salesforce data migration we cannot migrate some fields data directly like created date & Last modified by fields data.To migrate this data we need to contact support to enable audit fields.By default, Salesforce does not have this feature enabled.You can enable this by following the instructions here, or by asking your Salesforce support for assistance.

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