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Further down the cheating spectrum are “deceptive” behaviors, such as lying to or withholding information from your partner. These behaviors are considerably more questionable. If you’re deceiving your partner about your interactions with another person, then it seems that you know what you’re doing is wrong. The gray area: Exploring attitudes toward infidelity and the development of the Perceptions of Dating Infidelity Scale.

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Sexual attitudes, age, and religion predicted inconsistencies in judgments of infidelity and self-reported behaviour (hypocrisy).

Individuals don’t view infidelity solely in terms of black and white, but rather cheating is viewed in 50 shades of grey (sorry, I couldn’t resist! My colleagues and I coined these behaviors as “ambiguous” because it is unclear whether individuals have any true intent to cheat.

You be doing these acts because you plan on being unfaithful, or you could engage in these behaviors because you’re a good friend.

This study has implications for educators and practitioners working with couples to improve communication and establish guidelines for appropriate and inappropriate behaviour.

Cheating is one of the most detrimental behaviors for the survival of a relationship.

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