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Summary: Related thread: https://forums.developer.apple.com/thread/4999 I am the developer of a Core Data wrapper library called Core Store: https://github.com/John Estropia/Core Store The bug I am reporting can be reproduced with the library's demo app.

One of the utilities the library provides, "Object Monitor.swift", is a wrapper on NSFetched Results Controller that observes just a single NSManaged Object by fetching with: NSPredicate("SELF == %@", managed Object ID) This worked well until XCode 6.4. On all i OS versions, another problem can be reproduced with "List Monitor.swift", an NSFetched Results Controller wrapper that observes a list. Move from index 0 to index 0" delegate calls, this crashes and breaks UITable Views that call begin Updates() and end Updates() because no actual changes occurred. Run the Core Store Demo app using any simulator/device 2.

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The code below is exactly from Jose, who adapted the code from Ash Furrow. After my recent NSFetched Results Controller posts, Benedict Cohen brought a related issue to my attention.He complained that if a controller has a fetch predicate specified, and you merge in a change which makes some existing objects start matching the predicate, the controller may not spot those changes. From the bottom list, tap the exact same color as the top 6. Dragging the sliders do not cause any updates due to the NSFetched Results Controller Delegate receiving Move calls instead of Update calls. Please only post information for Radars that you have filed yourself, and please do not include Apple confidential information in your posts.

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