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He answered four OX questions by the MC: Q1 : did u ever think that it’d be good if the show(wgm) never ends? (you can only find his nervous facial expression from the video) he even asked the MC if there was V in the choices, and the answer was no.

soooo, our talent added the choice himself and ended the interview with the words: ”Victoria is just my ideal type!

[ 146, -6] I doubt they broke up over work, probably just fell out of love with each other;;;8. [ 58, -7] I knew they'd break up 100% ㅋㅋㅋ didn't think they'd make it to marriage ㅋㅋ14. [ 86, -12] Heard people saying they've actually been dating for 5 years2.

[ 149, -14] It's not a year, it's only been a year since they went public. [ 73, -23] Funny how this announcement comes after rumors going around that Tiffany's dating that male model Lee Chul Woo?? [ 74, -21] Hul they matched the best out of all the SNSD couples ㅠㅠ I guess they're really busy..3.

The two were recently spotted getting cozy at the m viewing party at the Staples Center's Hyde Lounge for.

Lucy Watson im Lucy Watson) Twitter buck horvejkul 3better source needed (thai: ; rtgs: nitchakhun horawetchakun; born june 24, 1988 known mononymously as nichkhun (korean: ; chinese: ; pinyin: n kn is a thai-american456 rapper, singer, songwriter, model and actor.

In the case of male groups, it is best to appear Sexy, Free, and Single as triumphed by the Super Junior hit.

Posted: , Author: Yhyza However, it seems the two may be seeing each other on meeting dating websites stage still for 2PM is working on their comeback planned for June, and Girls' Generation are also expected to be returning with new music around June to July.

Nichkhun - Asian Wiki on june 2010, he was cast in the second season of variety show we got married, pairing up with victoria of f(x).

2PM member Nichkhun may have confessed his true feelings for Victoria recently by saying “Sometimes I wish the shooting (for We Got Married) would never end.” Nichkhun was interviewed on MBC Section TV, which aired on the 27th of August at PM (Korean Standard Time), and said “The more I look at Victoria, the more I fall in love with her.” Nichkhun’s world cup for his ideal girl also took place on the show and the winner of the world cup was SNSD member Yoona.

Nichkhun was surprised that Victoria was not included in the world cup. Q3 : did u ever contact her when there’s no camera around? Q4 : did you feel confuse about fiction and reality? u guys should really see Khun’s reaction when the MC asked him those questions.(he smiled sooo~ sweetly every time the MC mentioned V’s name, and we can read more from his eyes :shyness?

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