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D'ANVILLE IMPROVED WITH THE ENGLISH SURVEYS MADE SINCE THE PEACE, London printed for Robt Sayer & J. 53 Fleet Street, as the act directs 10 June 1775 (Mc Corkle #775.2). The table mentioned covers a large portion of the map and is titled Evan's Polymetric Table of America. This map is a later version of D'Anville's original 1755 map. The main map covers the eastern United States from Newfoundland to a cutoff Florida and to beyond the Mississippi. THE THEATRE OF WAR, IN THE PROVINCES OF MASSACHUSETS-BAY, CONNECTICUT, NEW-YORK, NEW-JERSEY, PENSILVANIA, MARILAND, VIRGINIA &C. The map is printed on two sheets joined along the vertical centerline. Cartwright carves out some fanciful states on his map in addition to the original thirteen, most with Indian names. In the portrait Montresor holds a copy of Field Engineer, a textbook of the time. This map of the midwest appears in Santini's Atlas universel, Paris 1776, and is a companion to map 1776.4 below. The map extends to 40 south, so a slice of southern Pennsylvania does not appear. Andy (USA) Report N8 (added on May, 10, 2010) She contact me when I was on russian euro stating she was living in the USA but actually lived in Ghana with her mum. I send her money for a passport (have copy) booked myself a flight and on her way to the airport she was in a car accident.the next day a so called doctor Desmond called me that my wife was unconcious with a spine fracture.A confident, I am a very caring person I love to go hiking swimming and I love to travel a walk on the beach and watch the sunset would make my day.I have been looking for the right girl for me but no one would be willing to tie the Many people tell me that I am a very giving person with a good heart which I find that just natural for me.Emails from nigeria or indonesia claims to need money to free up her late fathers gem investments (family run gem trading business).

Note: This information is provided by event sponsors as a free service to our viewers.A state comprising northwestern Pennsylvania and western New York is called "Senekania." Mc Corkle #775.3 A MAP OF THE PROVINCE OF NEW YORK WITH PART OF PENSILVANIA, AND NEW ENGLAND, from an actual survey by Captain Montresor, engineer, 1775. Mc Corkle #775.9, Sellers & van Ee #1066, Phillips page 675, Guthorn (1972) #144-4. Sellers & van Ee #133, 134 To the Merchants & Insurers of the City of Philadelphia this CHART OF THE DELAWARE BAY AND RIVER, containing a full and exact description of the Shores, Creeks ... This map of the Great Lakes region appeared in the October 1776 issue of Universal Magazine. Pennsylvania extends to the 43rd parallel; Philadelphia, Pitsburg, Franks T., Harris T., Easton, Venango are named. PARTIE OCCIDENTALE DU CANADA ET SEPTENTRIONALE DE LA LOUISIANE AVEC UNE PARTIE DE LA PENSILVANIE, par le Sr. and bearings of the most considerable landmarks ... is dedicated by a friend to trade and navigation Joshua Fisher 1775. March is the time for the Irish Americans to plan and celebrate St.Patrick's Day with all it's festivities, parades, entertainment, and of course some green beer and Corn Beef and Cabbage.

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