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Such large immigration flows require effective and fair procedures for examining applications for international protection and suitable facilities for receiving and accommodating and, where necessary, for detaining and effectively returning immigrants who are not in need of international protection.

The project calls for the construction and reconstruction of engineering and transport infrastructure facilities, and developing infrastructure at investment sites for accommodating manufacturers of vaccines, antivirals and antibiotics, as well as veterinary drugs, food and cosmetics, and new biotechnologies.

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Description: Holiday Home Joosep is located on the right bank of the Reiu River and has specialised in accommodating of up to 10 persons (families or friends), who enjoy privacy and peaceful environment.

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We rode to the house of a neighbouring farmer, where we found good accommodations.

Religions, to survive, must make accommodations with the larger political structures that nurture them.

Recognizing the importance of providing opportunities to the youth in particular, the Government of India has oriented its employment guarantee programmes to accommodate and provide for the aspirations of the growing numbers of young people that access the job market every year.

Indigenous peoples are subject to discrimination and inequality in almost all aspects of housing, including laws and policies that have discriminatory effects, discriminatory allocation of resources for housing and discriminatory practices of private landlords in the rental market (which often prevents them from renting even the worst accommodation).

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